Pink Guy

Let me tell you about a thing or two

If you wanna finger dudes, ride a Subaru
Or do some gay shit like Ron fucking Harry Potter with a broom

Anything regarding dicks ain't my cup of tea cause i love the POON

(No? Fuck.)

They call me Mr. Fantastic
Ass kicked rapper nasty blasting sticky mass in ass and other fat things

"Smoking blunts was a daily routine."
And that's a bad impression of biggie
"But i don't mean any disrespect."

I'm so fucking slick that Slick Ricky would slit his wrist and insist
That i should be the slickest bitch since the genesis

"Since the genesis?"

Yeah since the genesis
Cause I'm the bestestest at good grammar in these sentences

("fucking idiot")

Yo I'm cramming verbs like the SATs
Ese please
I got a really long diss for you i call an essay tease

You didn't get the joke so i guess you're a special needs student
Ya'll are fake dicks dildos with no lubricants


I'm not the brightest man but like the slightest bite of hepatitis can
Inflate a cell with viral livers that's me cause I'm viral man

So do you feel high?

I swear I'm fucking with more bonds than Bill Nye
H 2 the O with stilettos now that's a high tide
Call me Billy Mays cause I'm still living in 1999


Pink Guy, AKA George "Joji" Miller (real name), AKA Filthy Frank is the host of the comedy internet show, "The Filthy Frank Show" and a rapper. He debuted with a comedy self titled album that contained mostly the songs previously used in The Filthy Frank show, however he also produced some new material. Another album, "Joji" which will contain more serious material is scheduled to be released too. ... Read More