Pleasure P

See I got a problem, N I don't know what do cause sex is always on my mind.
Me and this girl, we been dealin' for awhile

And I can't get enough of her.
And she starts rubbin' my body, make me wanna do something real naughty.
Cause she like to get on top, an when she get on top she like to stay on top and make her body just drop.
Slow. Sexy while we're sexing, that's why I wanna.

Girl I wanna lick, all over yo body baybay. Said I wanna LICK LICK LICK
Girl you make my tongue go La La La La La La La La La Laaa.
Said I wanna LICK LICK LICK.

It's just me and you in this room, and I wanna do some grown man things to you!

(Said I wanna LICK LICK LICK)
I yea yea I wanna lick yo body

Its' something about when we through, I'm having fantasies out the blue.
And I can't stop thinking about her and what we used to do!
Strawberries and whip cream!
And, oh, I'm such a fein

addicted to your love, I can't get enough!
Said I wanna LICK LICK LICK.
I wanna lick yo body bayayayayea!
Said I wanna Lick Lick Lick!
Lick yo body up and down Lick yo body up and down!
Said I wanna Lick Lick Lick
Can't stop and I won't stop.


Marcus Ramone Cooper (born December 27, 1984 in Carver Ranches, West Park, Florida), better known by his stage name Pleasure P, is a Grammy award nominated American R&B singer-songwriter, producer, actor and former member of R&B group Pretty Ricky, of which he left in 2007 to pursue a solo career. In 2009 he released his debut solo album, The Introduction Of Marcus Cooper, and it spawned the singles Boyfriend #2 and Under, and was later nominated for two Grammy awards. ... Read More