Poison The Well

Another day passes by. Another attempt at love. Remains unrequited.

Why do I even bother? I should have learned from the past. I am but a statue.

Impervious to love. This punctured heart is mine. Becomes a handful of dust. Dust.

Hope has now wilted away. Wilted. Along with these dreams. That became emptiness.

A final exit becomes clear. I am self destructive. A product of this solitude.

I am riddled with shards. One simple wish now dies. Was my request so great?

One simple wish now dies [x3].

Was my request so great? Once again I drown in its denial. Was it so complicated?

Once again. I've been. Spit upon. Taken with a grain of salt. My life is gone.


Poison the Well is an experimental hardcore band from Miami, Florida that formed in 1997. They are currently signed to Ferret Records. Guitarist Ryan Primack and drummer Chris Hornbrook are the only remaining members of the band who have been involved since their first album, although vocalist Jeffrey Moreira has been the singer on all five full-length albums.

Poison the Well was originally named "An Acre Lost" and was started by original singer Aryeh Lehrer and original guitarist Ryan Primack. ... Read More