Poison The Well

Not within arms length

I'd sever the stars from the sky

and place them in your hands

if I thought another wish / they'd see the light of day

but you stand beyond the sun

Beyond the reach of just a friend

maybe if i grew wings / maybe if you lost yours

these words would flow like water

if you'd let them scrape your heart

Not with in arms length

embedded within my concise effort

a silent cry / I receive no comfort

and as I collapse we remain nothing more than friends

As I hold my breath / a throat full of cement

I'm disgusted by repetition I accept this curse

of friendship / your friend / friendship


Poison the Well is an experimental hardcore band from Miami, Florida that formed in 1997. They are currently signed to Ferret Records. Guitarist Ryan Primack and drummer Chris Hornbrook are the only remaining members of the band who have been involved since their first album, although vocalist Jeffrey Moreira has been the singer on all five full-length albums.

Poison the Well was originally named "An Acre Lost" and was started by original singer Aryeh Lehrer and original guitarist Ryan Primack. ... Read More