Unruly Camp
Send bwoy under dirt fi go live in
Mhm hm...
Pussy dem talking, weh mi 50 Caliber?
Anything them ready fah, me ready fah
A weh the bwoy a show off with people Haskelli fah?
Buss him fucking head with the Beretta

Pussy dem dead and gone, and bury
Rifle a buss dem Jelly
Dash dem inna bush, dem find dem smelly
Real ol' gungrell a beat up the Bere'
Man Skull a steam, steam, steamy
Man Skull a steam, steam, steamy, yeah

Jah Vinci buss the Heckler weh take 'way your life 'way
Pussy dem swear say a lightning a strike
Badman make your duppy fi less than a Sprite
Rum haffi drink, now candle a light
Dem fi know from me likkle and young me a sniper
Bullet a burn up your skin, anuh lighter
Gunshot stuck inna throat, anuh Goiter
When you hear bullet a blow *Pye pye pa!*
Evil head, evil medz
Dem a ask me, "Why Popcaan haffi take life so often?"
Big Yard, send bwoy inna morgue, dead dawg


Jamaican deejay Popcaan, of Portmore, Jamaica, was recruited by Vybz Kartel and joined Gaza Gang as his protegé. He continues to mix traditional dancehall sounds with electronic music, and his recent album, 2014's "Where We Come From", topped many year-end lists. ... Read More