Gyal dem seh mi nice and clean
And mi hot like the rice weh a steam
Water describe mi already me and mi fking team
Fresh like the fking stream

Clean to the bone suh mi do it everyday
Mi nuh just clean Friday
Some bwoy only bathe when a public holiday
Believe mi seh a nuh suh mi stay

Mi nuh go a dance and greet
Gyal dem seh mi sweet like a chocolate cream
G'seppy and the Clarks dem clean
Gyal draws a drop when the boss roll in

Shi seh wa meck you clean so Pop's?
Colon a sting like wasp
Shi waan gi mi the thing pon spot
Range a block pon block

Unruly thing up forever, up forever
Unruly thing up forever, up forever

The kyle in a mi pocket thick like Black China
Wa? Thick like Black China
Gyal dem want a hot skull
Dem don't want designer
Waan bad man fi feel dem vagina
Tek weh bwoy gyal meck shi crawl out like spider
Carry her in a the hilltop, roll on Rough Rider
Funny man mi nuh go beside a
Naw bow fi no riches neither

Big up every badman scheme weh dem know bout cheap and clean
White T's and cut off jeans man a roll out man and mean
Mi seh wi clean and fresh
Clothes every neat
Big fat spaceship a push in a the streets
From dem sight wi dem know seh wi up forever

Connection like wifi, wayfae
The killy dem a real O'G
Pull up in a Landon neatly
Gyal a watch wi like Hype TV
A me meck gyal waan left dem common-law
Waan mi fi pull dem bra
Mi Invictos spray just turn her on
Mi hairstyle turn her on

(Repeat Intro)


Jamaican deejay Popcaan, of Portmore, Jamaica, was recruited by Vybz Kartel and joined Gaza Gang as his protegé. He continues to mix traditional dancehall sounds with electronic music, and his recent album, 2014's "Where We Come From", topped many year-end lists. ... Read More