I didn't feel alive, she said
I keep falling to the floor
When do I get to see the world
I've been fighting all these battles for?

Just because I can sing
Doesn't mean that I can feel
All my demons, all my everything
Aren't any less real

She said
Let's play pretend and live our lives
We can be who we wanna be
I'll be a singer and you'll be a writer
We'll finally be free

If we're lucky, we'll live together forever
And you'll never have to be
Alone in this world full of bullshit and terror
Without me

Playing pretend isn't always happy
We care but pretend we don't
If I was a singer, I'd sing to the world
About what hurts me the most

If you were a writer, you could write me a story
And leave out all my regrets
A life full of passion, a life full of glory
I would never have to be down

She said