Pure Saturday

If the sunset is high above
calling us to catch the light up
the heat of our heart, warms like the weather
so we keep walking hand in hand

Grass in front of us
won't barry the road we passed like before
wind blowin' softly
caressing our empty heart
so we'll never be lonely anymore

We're taking the long path
Our steps are moving together
Sunset is calling...
sunset is calling again

Oooh, the story is out of line
we should pick it up again
something has been made out
the brightening day shall arrived

A word can hold the secret of the universe
and silence is the hardest thing for us to unveil

together we'll reach happiness
part the ocean and through the sky
but silence is the hardest thing for us to unveil


Pure Saturday is an Indonesian indie band formed by Muhammad Suar Nasution (vocals, guitar), Ade Purnama (bass), Aditya "Adhi" Ardinugraha (guitar), Yudistira "Udhi" Ardinugraha (drums) and Arief Hamdani (guitar) in 1994. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1996, the first 5000 copies of which were sold via mail-order through a teen magazine. The album was then available on wide distribution after the band signed with Ceepee Records. The single "Kosong" made them household names, with the accompanying video gaining heavy rotation. ... Read More