Pure Saturday

You took me to a special place

Where nothing can go wrong.

So let's walk the road together,

Guess what we'll find tomorrow

Huuu..we're living the utopian dream

I've been walking around last night

Never look to heaven

We all should have some destinations

But like memories they all fall

Cold night has no pity

Home is where I want to be

Still don't know why I spend my time

Writing songs I can't believe

Huuu..we're living the utopian dream

Sauv' la vie moi, sauv' la vie moi


Pure Saturday is an Indonesian indie band formed by Muhammad Suar Nasution (vocals, guitar), Ade Purnama (bass), Aditya "Adhi" Ardinugraha (guitar), Yudistira "Udhi" Ardinugraha (drums) and Arief Hamdani (guitar) in 1994. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1996, the first 5000 copies of which were sold via mail-order through a teen magazine. The album was then available on wide distribution after the band signed with Ceepee Records. The single "Kosong" made them household names, with the accompanying video gaining heavy rotation. ... Read More