Quality Control

Yeah, aight, bitch
What's up with that motherfucking mouth?
Oh God, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy (Helluva made the beat baby)

Ayy, usually do a white bitch with a slatt one
Got a bad bitch with a fat one
She like bitches more than me so on Fridays, we do captions
Like Uzi's, not Madsen's
She like Mac Dre, I like Andre
I'ma ball hard like DeAndre
Need a paycheck like Beyoncé
Not tryna be your fiancé
My sister's boyfriend light skinned, his name Keyence
Told him if he hurt her, I'ma hurt him on my papa (So pops)
Pull up to his mama house with the big choppa (Brrrr)

Ayy, forty racks will put that jet in the air
I'm like fuck it, let me go up on the slaps 'cause I'm here
So I said on my daddy grave, ain't no man that I fear
I ain't talking - when I say, "Clap at this here"
Niggas showing they true colors, get my clorox
Your favorite rapper chain
Know he's in an out the projects (Fuck that)
Make a nigga bitch do some pork chops
I used to hear shots, now I ain't got to keep my doors locked
With they baby mama only time they acting tough
We heard I had a shootout, ain't nobody dying, wasn't us
Say whatever you want about the Glock 9's
Even if it's slippery, can't let our opps slide (Never)

Had a foreign, yeah, the shit with the frog eyes
Bad bitch, on the neck, she be darkin' guys
I'ma dog that bitch like some leftovers
And a big boy house, call that chef over
Broke whip a Range Rover, uh
Built like a lick to say the least
Fifteen thousand on a fleece
Blue and red like police
Got a bad bitch with a tint Rose, sun down
Nigga hot, a nigga 8 ball, playstation
Pull up to the sock, fuck his mama in her back
Bend her over, hold her mouth
Told her, "Take it like a real bitch"
Then she went south, sucking dick like a pro
Swallow mouth like a taste tester on a Go Pro

On a Go Pro, bitch, want the crib?
Fuck the bank 'cause I don't want to know (Where your cash?)
Yachty still got the money from that one endorsement (That's some M's)
Hellcat, red key, that's the mini horses (Uh)
In the club with all Franklins, throwin' Georges
Walking through the airport, hoping they don't call the dogs
Got more frost than a bitch, I'm just hoping that I thaw
I'm beefing with your mans, here go 50, take his head off
Bankrolls so fucking sloppy I can't spread it all
Wait, who that creeping in the car, the windows down (Who's that?)
That might be bro, he's supposed to pull up with some loud (All good)
They started shooting tell them kids go in the house (Bop bop)
They heard the AR, make them niggas turn to rubble (Brr)

Fuck his bitch in a pretty ass night gown
She get drunk off of Titos, believe that
Fuck that bitch from the back, grab her weed tracks
Why these bitches want both? Mind your beeswax
Make your bitch take my kids, they like deep facts
Put a crease in her butt like some water slacks
Pussy wet, got me feeling like a merman
AI, AK's like the Taliban
Tell her fryin' niggas getting money like the Wheel of Fortune
Used to ride around crakin' cars with no AC unit
She was really scorching so my wrist tell my arm to pull the
Teeth with the porcelain, and now she's better than some old MILF

Niggas talkin' about what they 'bout to do, ayy
Boy we already in motion
Fuck with us, we crack that melon (Fuck with us, we crack that head)
We aim it at abdominals, ayy (We aim at your body)
Try me if you feeling heroic, I'm strapped like a Trojan
You know I ain't spreadin' shit, when I start strikin' or bowlin'
He say Grizzley, you don't fuck with me, get out your emotions
Black thought I tell you fool
We already got to this shit, we spoken, nigga

Now our prices is the lowest
Ayy, but them show prices the highest
Ayy, man my heart probably the darkest
Bitch but hour ice probably the brightest, nigga