Dont show me up, i'm not your enemy
We were love first, you and me
And around me in, in a both of feel
We were so amaze, had so long ago

Take my hands eventhough we're turn a part
And sundden's together
Call me crayz but i still believe
We we're mean to be
You and I
I'm trying hard to let you go, to let you go
I'm trying my best, too
Let you go, to let you go
Feels impossible but i'm letting you go
back to
And i'm trying my best too
to let you go, letting you go
trying my best, too
to let you go, im letting you go tonight
Oh baby, im letting you go, to let you go


Raisa (born Raisa Andriana, 6 June 1990 in Jakarta, Indonesia), is an Indonesian recording artist. She came to prominence with the song "Serba Salah". Before becoming a solo singer, Raisa was the vocalist of the band formed by Kevin Aprilio called Andante.

Raisa's singing talents had been seen since her earlier age. When she was 3, little Raisa often pretended to be a singer on stage.

She was the vocalist of Andante, a band founded by Kevin Aprilio. ... Read More