Raleigh Ritchie

I consider this a closely guarded secret
If you make a promise now, you better keep it
I'm sayin' this to you in preparation
Gonna find me on the weekend
Grab a bag and meet me at the station
I promise you it's gonna be OK
I feel as though I've hit a revelation
So if you wanna be a renegade
Come with me, take my hand
I'm gonna be Action Man
This time I fall, made a stand

I don't wanna wait here another day
You and me could stay or we could run away
We should build a city in another place
You could either chase me or we'll be the chased
I'm so done with the kids we run with
We have fun if
We could rule the world
Just a boy and a girl

I'm not gonna take another beating
I'm not gonna cry another tear
There's nothin' left for me that's worth repeating
I've got everything I need right here
Grab a pair of trainers out your wardrobe
Take some money from your mother's purse
You and me are gonna hit the open road
Unless you want a Chinese burn
Come with me, forget the cold
Let's make every step bold
It's so much more than my mere hopes
So much more than

Let's be adults, live where they leave us alone
Let's leave home, if we don't, I'll turn to stone
Just rock and bone, I don't know
I just wanna go away, I just wanna leave today
Now or never, alone, together


Raleigh Ritchie (a.k.a. Jacob Anderson) (born 18 June 1990) is a British artist from Bristol. Now based in London, his debut release entitled The Middle Child EP came out in July 2013. He released his debut full-length album 'You're a Man Now, Boy' on February 26, 2016 through Columbia Records, which debuted at 32 on the UK album charts. Since 2012, Anderson has been appearing in the television series Game of Thrones as the character Grey Worm. ... Read More