Raleigh Ritchie

I never thought I'd be so self-sufficient
I never thought I'd be a workaholic
I've been swallowed up and hollowed out
And now I have no peace of mind, no solace

Here comes the water works again
Some way to fill the Thames
One day I'll have some friends
Bills come, pocket full of lint
I'm hoping I can win some
I'm hoping I'll descend

And I go down, down, down, down, down
Wait for the crash and hit the ground

Free when I'm under pressure whether it's fight or win, sink or swim
I don't want be your blesser, I just want Vicodin, a minor sin
Just plain relief to carry me
I'm in free fall, free fall, free fall

Evidently nothing ever happens
And the world is made of businessmen
Everybody's wearing smart attire
So I'm in good company and then

Pay bills, money kills, no idea how I'm gonna get my next meal
Few skills, make a deal with the Devil if I wanna settle down, wanna bill
And you know mates, mister lonely, mister kiss ass for the check, I'm a phony
Use your bad taste, don't gold me, I'm already gone, you don't need to throw me

Free when I'm under pressure


Raleigh Ritchie (a.k.a. Jacob Anderson) (born 18 June 1990) is a British artist from Bristol. Now based in London, his debut release entitled The Middle Child EP came out in July 2013. He released his debut full-length album 'You're a Man Now, Boy' on February 26, 2016 through Columbia Records, which debuted at 32 on the UK album charts. Since 2012, Anderson has been appearing in the television series Game of Thrones as the character Grey Worm. ... Read More