Raleigh Ritchie

I thought I knew you better than I do but hey, whatever
You lead me out and promised if we drowned, we'd drown together
And now, I'm free indeed, but I'm swimming with my armbands out at sea
And I need a solid shore out there waiting for me
I'll need no sleep for a week, and I'm
Out into the deep blue, out into the deep blue

I'm in too deep
I'm alone
When I need you most
You'll be gone
Deep blue sea
Will you take me home?
Watch me drown
Or let me float?

You carry me, pull against my wishes
I could long for sleep, sleeping with the fishes
And now I see the sea is unforgiving
I want to be on land with the living
I'm easily swayed by the ocean
I'm weak, I'll leave myself by emotion
So I chase things I can't change, can't choose
Out into the deep blue, out into the deep blue

I'm hungry, had sea shanties
The romance is dead, I'll
I'm cold and my lips, they taste like salt
I wanna swim home and don't know how I got so
You fed me lies and left me high and dry
Except I'm wet, I'm soaked, I'm lost
And good as dead
I'll see you at the riverbed


Raleigh Ritchie (a.k.a. Jacob Anderson) (born 18 June 1990) is a British artist from Bristol. Now based in London, his debut release entitled The Middle Child EP came out in July 2013. He released his debut full-length album 'You're a Man Now, Boy' on February 26, 2016 through Columbia Records, which debuted at 32 on the UK album charts. Since 2012, Anderson has been appearing in the television series Game of Thrones as the character Grey Worm. ... Read More