Rex Orange County

Baby you braved it
I understand you had a bad day and shit
So I say something dumb as fuck
And luckily it gives you a facelift
But really I couldn't take it
Especially when the volume is raising
She came in the room

Chicane in the road
Now my mind is racing
You care too
Where to?
3 days in a row my plans fell through
Crying in a hotel room
You listen
If I could I'd be staying at the edition
(For real?)
For real
I would meet you at a certain time
And take my time and make my decision
For real
I'm only ever trying to help you
It's only ever love (in a hotel room)
It's only ever love, baby
I'm only ever trying to help you
It's only ever love, baby (in a hotel room)
It's only ever love
It's only ever trying to be loved in a hotel room


'Rex Orange County' is Alex O’Connor. A self-taught drummer, Alex grew-up in outskirts of London in Haslemere, Surrey. After applying keys, vocals and anything he could find to write loose-footed, fluid, personable songs about being bored and disillusioned, his self-produced eleven-track debut bedroom album ‘bcos u will never b free’ was released on September 2015. It was followed by the singles ‘UNO’ (2016) and 'Best friend' in January 2017.

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