Rickie Lee Jones

Chuck E.'s In LoveRickie Lee Jones(Rickie Lee Jones)How come he don't come and p.l.p. with me Down at the meter no more?And how come he turn off the T.V. And he hang that sign on the door?Well we call and we call "How come?" we sayHell, what could make a boy behave this a-way? YeahWell he learned all of the lines nowAnd everytime he don't-a s-stutter when he talksAnd it's true, it's true! He sure has acquired this kinda cool and inspired sort of jazz when he walksWhere's his jacket and his old blue jeans?Hey, if this ain't healthy it is some kinda cleanFact is that...Chuck E.'s In Love (yeah, yeah)Chuck E.'s In Love (no, no, no)Chuck E.'s In Love (ah, ah)That Chuck E.'s In...Well I don't believe what you're sayin' to meThis is somethin' I've got to seeIs he here? I look for him in the pool hallWell is he here?I look in the drug storeWell is he here? No he don't come here no moreWell I tell you what, I saw himHe was sittin' behind us down at the PantagesAnd whatever it is that he's got up his sleeveWell, I hope it isn't contagiousWhat's her name? Is that her there?Oh Christ, I think he's even combed his hair!And is that her, well then what's her name?Oh it's never gonna be the sameThat's not her! I know what's wrongCause Chuck E.'s in love With the little girl singin' this song, andDon't you know...Chuck E.'s In Love (yeah, yeah)Chuck E.'s In Love (no, no, no)Chuck E.'s In Love (ah, ah)Chuck E.'s InChuck E.'s In Love Chuck E.'s In Love He's in love, no-ho-noWith Me!From: "David Hayman" <>


Rickie Lee Jones (born November 8, 1954) is a two-time Grammy Award-winning vocalist, musician, songwriter, and producer from the United States. Over the course of a three-decade career, Jones has recorded in various musical styles including R&B, blues, pop, soul, and jazz standards. Rickie Lee Jones is a singer songwriter whose style leans on jazz and pop/R&B timing and personification.

Jones settled in LA at the age of nineteen, doing the classic waiting tables stuff until she landed a recording contract with Warners. ... Read More