I still the night when I saw you
I still the night when you were glowing in my room
Reflected into my eyes and burning my eyes
You woke me up From the years I slept
There was a time in My life
When every thing looked so bright
and make me feel like iwas born again
I'm staring into space and trying to drown in it
Life is so beautiful, that's what I feel
so I need to stand and shine and glowing
just like when You are standing in my room
You are so bright and so beautiful
you make me beleive, You make me strong
You make me sing, you mae me shine


If you are listening to a band /rif from Bandung, Indonesia or R.I.F. from Fagersta, Västmanlands län, SE, please fix your tags.

Multiple artists have used this name:

1. RIF was an early 80s German band founded by Ax Genrich that combined punk rock and rockabilly.

2. Rif is a rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. Here's a description in Serbian:
Bend je osnovao Ivan (bass), kao trčclani sastav pod imenom Madhater, međutim, nedostajala je kohezija, pa je bubnjara zamenio Fanky koji je tek počinjao da svira bubnjeve. ... Read More