It sees your confusion scrambled
No sense of meaning beyond your perception
Trapped inside
One is you, one is all
Trapped inside
One is you, one is all
Look outside
All is us, all is one

Reach out and imagine beyond you now
Need a fiction
must find connection
Out there is a source
controlling the puzzle
Message is clear
each piece has a purpose

Jeopardy, Identity, Geography, Stupidity

Your life is chaos...
Jeopardy, Identity, Geography
Stupidity, Absurdity 2x
Where do you fit in? 2x


If you are listening to a band /rif from Bandung, Indonesia or R.I.F. from Fagersta, Västmanlands län, SE, please fix your tags.

Multiple artists have used this name:

1. RIF was an early 80s German band founded by Ax Genrich that combined punk rock and rockabilly.

2. Rif is a rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. Here's a description in Serbian:
Bend je osnovao Ivan (bass), kao trčclani sastav pod imenom Madhater, međutim, nedostajala je kohezija, pa je bubnjara zamenio Fanky koji je tek počinjao da svira bubnjeve. ... Read More