keep your mouth shut,
I don't wanna hear you,
I don't wanna see you,

ya' talking bullshit,
you wanna look good,
but I know you a cheap,

you're just lika a lonely old dog,
you're talking all crap all day long,
trying to survive your actions everyday is not that hard
but don't get it in my way!

POSER! only fight for pleasure
POSER! please don't get closer

life is not so sure,
you're just a pure poser,
always acting lika a fighter,
but you're just a coward sneaker!


If you are listening to a band /rif from Bandung, Indonesia or R.I.F. from Fagersta, Västmanlands län, SE, please fix your tags.

Multiple artists have used this name:

1. RIF was an early 80s German band founded by Ax Genrich that combined punk rock and rockabilly.

2. Rif is a rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. Here's a description in Serbian:
Bend je osnovao Ivan (bass), kao trčclani sastav pod imenom Madhater, međutim, nedostajala je kohezija, pa je bubnjara zamenio Fanky koji je tek počinjao da svira bubnjeve. ... Read More