Welll it was a cold day Aa.. Aa
And I feel so Low Aa..Aa
Confusion turn my brain around Aa...
there must be someway out of here
Locked I need The light guided my way
O Lord give me away.. Aa... aa
take me out unconscius Aa..aa
Give me a light dreams Aa..aa
I wanna scream at the silence
I wanna do it loud
I wann abreak this wall
and move this darkness away


If you are listening to a band /rif from Bandung, Indonesia or R.I.F. from Fagersta, Västmanlands län, SE, please fix your tags.

Multiple artists have used this name:

1. RIF was an early 80s German band founded by Ax Genrich that combined punk rock and rockabilly.

2. Rif is a rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. Here's a description in Serbian:
Bend je osnovao Ivan (bass), kao trčclani sastav pod imenom Madhater, međutim, nedostajala je kohezija, pa je bubnjara zamenio Fanky koji je tek počinjao da svira bubnjeve. ... Read More