I see a cup of tea on the table
I grab and taste it
but it taste like a beer, it's not a tea

I see a cup of coffee on the table
I grab and taste it
but it taste like a coke, it's not a coffee

I see a red rose bloom in the garden
I grab and smell it
but it smell like shit, it make me sick

I see a dirty sock, behind the door
I thingk the smell real bad
but it smell so good, so what is it???!!!

so what wrong with me?
why all seem tobe, really, looked so fake for me?
make me sick


If you are listening to a band /rif from Bandung, Indonesia or R.I.F. from Fagersta, Västmanlands län, SE, please fix your tags.

Multiple artists have used this name:

1. RIF was an early 80s German band founded by Ax Genrich that combined punk rock and rockabilly.

2. Rif is a rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. Here's a description in Serbian:
Bend je osnovao Ivan (bass), kao trčclani sastav pod imenom Madhater, međutim, nedostajala je kohezija, pa je bubnjara zamenio Fanky koji je tek počinjao da svira bubnjeve. ... Read More