I'M 17
Rizzle Kicks

Rizzle Kicks, rizzle kicks
Ha, so to start from the start I'm a master at my art
And I advancer my part with a heart full of passion
Always start from the calm when I come with the hardest
But I like to do it in an elegant fashion
Because it's hard to break through
Because you gotta get running and listen
When everybody gonna get a trigun the race
Through it's cool I can make do
I drop bars about loosing reception...
Your boo's an exception (ah)
You'll love my music but it's you who's
Confused about she's pregnant
Because your last skill was a fact still that
I'm fabulously British like Jack Wills
I stick to my own style
So if you don't know my profile then
When I walk into college with my headphones on
And I'm listening to music (to music)
I think well you could be walking to college
With your headphones on and...
Well, I suppose you should just...
Pull out your ipod, flick through the playlist
Rizzle Kicks old yellow bricks now play this!
Put it in favourites in fact op
It in the speakers to piss off your neighbours
I'm all about noise pollution. What?
Six o'clock already? Get me boozing
The only time you won't hear me playing music is
Well, pretty much when I'm snoozing
Other than that I'm down for a laugh. Ha!
The music songs have allowed me to dance
Fuck those bouncers just stand with the staff
Like Gandalf thinking I shall not pass well
I'm up by eight and I'm back by three
Unless I find a girl who's on it, I'm coming
Back by nine it's great by me
When I'm... walking home with a drunker swagger
Still thinking 'bout my music (my music)
I think well, instead of going into class
I could making a banger
But hey man, I'm 17. Rizzle what does that
Mean? Means that I'm never clean
When it gets down to music I won't be seen
I'll get us into clubs and do my tings, with my
I can do whatever the fuck I like
Pull out your iPod, which track?
I bet it's Rizzle Kicks so generous
Shove it in your best mates ear like out of all
My music, Rizzle is the bestest
I keep my jeans dropping like tetris
Then maybe in a couple of years time
I'll find my rhymes are getting me reputation
Money, I can get a lexis. Wow
I'm always down for the fun, go to a party
Bound to get some is it one for all or all for one
Well, I won't stop 'til I'm done, rayt, forget about
Mornings, passing the nights your ignoring the warnings
I think a come and traitors forming
Ignore the teachers work through detention
Couldn't care less, man
Oh, did I mention all of our moves went to stop
I had no energy as a form of prevention
Now I've got eyes like a panda, the girl on
The phone line, don't understand her
Something about girls don't over replying
But I can't remember when...
Oh Samantha, Yeah... and Hannah
Oh it could have been that Swedish gril
Who wasn't that attractive
She's not actually Swedish
She thinks I'm on a gap year
Yeah, I do look nineteen
But guess how old I am


According to the Down With The Trumpets Songfacts, Rizzle Kicks is a British Hip-Hop/Pop duo comprising Jordan "Rizzle" and Harley "Sylvester." Technically, Rizzle Kicks was founded in about 1996, when both members, in their miniature form, used to play together, round Rizzle's aunties house. It wasn't until 8 years later when the pair re-found each other, after both moving to Brighton and joining the local Sunday league, by facing each other head-on in a football match. ... Read More