Rodney Carrington

dear penis

i dont think i like you anymore

you used to watch me shave

now all you do is stare at the floor

oh dear penis

i dont like you anymore

it used to be you and me

a paper towl and a dirty magazine

thats all we needed to get buy

now it seems things have changed

i think that your the one to blame

dear penis i dont like you anymore

now he sings

dear rodney

i dont think i like u nemore

cuz when you get to drinkin

you put me places i never been before

dear rodney

i don't like you any more

why can we just get a grip

on our man to hand relationship

and come to tems with truely how we feel

if we put our heads together

we'd just stay home 4ever

dear penis

i think i like u after all

oh and rodney

while your shavin shave my balls


Rodney Carrington (October 19, 1968 in Longview, Texas) is an American stand-up comic and comic country musician. He was the star of the ABC television sitcom Rodney. Rodney is best known for his acoustic song called "A Letter to My Penis" (sometimes called "Dear, Penis"). Rodney Carrington is a frequent guest on the Bob and Tom show. Some may know him for his song featured on the Bob & Tom show called "Titties and Beer", and "That Awful Day". His numerous albums and stand up performances are often formatted for adult content. ... Read More