Rodney Carrington

Put your clothes back on,
I'd rather be alone.
Your thing is all worn out now get on home.
You've had too many lovers,
They've worn off the hair.
There ain't no way I'm goin in there.
Put your clothes on,
and get on home.

I Should of never gone out,
I should of never had a drink,
Take that thing outside it's startin' to stink.
Your friends done told me where you have been,
and I feel sorry for all those men.
Put your clothes back on, baby,
and get on home.

Yeah, get that thing away from me,
it looks like something your dog would eat.
I've seen enough now set me free.
I think that thing just barked at me.
Early this mornin' it bit my leg.
Oh, little darlin', don't you make me beg,
Put your clothes back on,
and get on home.

Oh shit, I'm scared! I need medical care.
I think three midgets just crawled out of there.
Well, I was fine before you came,
would'ya thow somethin' over that pitiful thing.
Baby, put your clothes back on
and get on home.
Yeah, put your clothes on,
and get your booty back home.
Go on.


Rodney Carrington (October 19, 1968 in Longview, Texas) is an American stand-up comic and comic country musician. He was the star of the ABC television sitcom Rodney. Rodney is best known for his acoustic song called "A Letter to My Penis" (sometimes called "Dear, Penis"). Rodney Carrington is a frequent guest on the Bob and Tom show. Some may know him for his song featured on the Bob & Tom show called "Titties and Beer", and "That Awful Day". His numerous albums and stand up performances are often formatted for adult content. ... Read More