Yea, you feelin' threat, both yo parents left you
Momma's in Columbia, daddy don't respect you
So you been a gypsy since you were like six
Yea, you been homeless, the fact that you don't know this(?)
Goin' thru the motions, no one there to guard you
No hella? play some shit that you can ride to
Neva lettin' out whats really deep inside you
But maybe I can slide thru
I can help you find you

Now you finally found someone
Who loves you just for who you are
Knows that you been thru some shot
Knows that you been pushed too far
Still he's tryna pull you
All the while you beggar
Cause your sole condition fuckin' up to that of beggar
But you continue like a low man to the next house
Movin' with the dew so he can trust you
Yea, he left now
Lookin' for the pain, quit playn the role of a victim!
Be the project of your thoughts not the project of the system!
Got me sayn


Russell Vitale (born September 26, 1992), known by his stage name Russ, is an American hip hop recording artist, singer-songwriter and record producer. ... Read More