Yeah oh why why
You didn't have to leave me baby
See I called you today
No one picked up the phone
As fast as I could girl I ran to your home
When I arrived to my surprise
You were gone oh babe
Your neighbor informed me
That you moved away
How could you not tell me
And leave me this way
With no goodbyes and crying eyes
I wish you would have stayed

1 So I count every second
I count every minute
That you are away from me
I just can't take it oh why
Can't I get with you

Repeat 1

Things won't be the same
There's no me without you
For the rest of my life
I'll be searching for you
On first love don't know how much
I'll miss you yeah
There are lessons of love
And I've learned my first one
My mom says get ready
I've got more to come
Well I can't take no more heartache
I want you

Repeat 1 (2x)

So we made a promise, a promise
(A promise) Yes we did
It's all good baby (It's alright)
It's alright baby (yeah it's alright)
Because I'm missing the first time
It was so innocent baby, yes it was
The first time oh my very first time
That we kissed oh baby yeah
Like this yeah
That we kissed like this

Repeat 1 till end


Sammie Bush (born on March 1, 1987 in Boynton Beach, Florida) is an American R&B singer and actor signed to Interscope Records. He is best known for his hit single, I Like It, from his debut album From the Bottom to the Top, which was released in 2000. After taking a hiatus from the music industry to focus on school, he returned in 2006 with his self-titled second studio album. He is currently finishing recording his third album, Coming of Age, which will be released sometime in 2011. ... Read More