Ok class, ok everyone settle down

everyone settle down

um, as you all know we've been working

real hard on our school's essay's done

does any body have theirs to read frist


Mr.Evans my essay is ready


Ok everybody Sammie has the floor


When i grow up

I wonder if people will be more afaid

To cry then they are to die

Will I be able to see a rainbow

In a smog-filled sky?

Will there be any trees alive?

If not how will the plants survive?

Will the internet have a website at


When I grow up

If I got bored and had nothing to do

And me and my son built a conoe

Would water thar use to be blue

Be so pulluted it would give us the flu?

Will a thousand dollars be enough for a shoe?

Will I have to be like you?

Letting money make a decison

for everything I do?

When I grow up

Will the existence of dolphins and whales

Just be a story I tell?

Starting with Once upon a time...

Ending with Where did we fail?

Will adults be the hammer and nail?

Will Schools be next door to jail?

Will the truth be illegel to sell?

When I grown up

Will anyone be on the news

For anything besides killing?

Will those drug dealars still

Be standing in front of my building?

Will they ever learn how to love?

Or stay afraid of the feeling?

Will TV and music videos

Still raise America's childern?

When I grow up

Will innocent kids still be wrongfully touched?

Will students go home from schooll

In a bulletproff bus?

What if childern had no one to trust?

That would hurt me so much

And I wanna be happy when I grow up


Sammie Bush (born on March 1, 1987 in Boynton Beach, Florida) is an American R&B singer and actor signed to Interscope Records. He is best known for his hit single, I Like It, from his debut album From the Bottom to the Top, which was released in 2000. After taking a hiatus from the music industry to focus on school, he returned in 2006 with his self-titled second studio album. He is currently finishing recording his third album, Coming of Age, which will be released sometime in 2011. ... Read More