Sarah Vaughan

How Important Can It Be

that I tasted other lips?

That was long before you came to me

with the wonder of your kiss

So the story got around

of na old romance and me

But it happened oh! so long ago

How Important Cant it Be?

Mine was a young and a foolish heart

seeking love at ev'ry turn

But I have grown so much wiser now

Even foolish hearts can learn

Let the past just fade away

Why get lost in yesterday?

The important thing is here and now

And our love is here to stay


Sarah Lois Vaughan (nicknamed "Sassy" and "The Divine One") (March 27, 1924, Newark, New Jersey – April 3, 1990, Los Angeles, California) was an American jazz singer, described as "possessor of one of the most wondrous voices of the 20th century". Jazz critic Leonard Feather called her "the most important singer to emerge from the bop era." Ella Fitzgerald called her the world’s "greatest singing talent." When introduced in her two-part interview of 1980 on The Dick Cavett Show ... Read More