Sarah Vaughan

I'm scared- I'm shakin' in my boots
I'm scared- I'm frightened to the roots
My knees are knock, knockin' so nervously
I never thought your lovin' would do this to me

Look here; I tremble with such fright
See here; you'd better hold me tight
I never shook, shook this way before
So kiss me, kiss me, baby; make me shake some more

You whisper so soft that I grow fearful
Each time you give my heart a tender earful
I go around in circles like a weather vane
And then you send me like a jet propulsion plane

I'm scared; I show it in each sigh
I'm scared; I'll bet you wonder why
My knees are knock, knockin' so nervously
I'm scared to death that some day you'll stop lovin' me


Sarah Lois Vaughan (nicknamed "Sassy" and "The Divine One") (March 27, 1924, Newark, New Jersey – April 3, 1990, Los Angeles, California) was an American jazz singer, described as "possessor of one of the most wondrous voices of the 20th century". Jazz critic Leonard Feather called her "the most important singer to emerge from the bop era." Ella Fitzgerald called her the world’s "greatest singing talent." When introduced in her two-part interview of 1980 on The Dick Cavett Show ... Read More