Sesame Street

Prairie Dawn: Since "K" is the next letter, Herbert Birdsfoot will now recite his "K" poem. So listen to the words that start with "K-uh".

Herb: I don't want to.

Oscar: Why not Herb?

Herb: Well, because everyone says it's silly.

All of the other Muppets: Oh no!

Grover: Oh, Herb, that's not true.

Herb: Yes, you'll all say it's silly.

Grover: Herb, we will not now.

Herb: You won't say it's silly?

All of the other Muppets: No!

Herb: Oh, OK

There once was a king from Kalamazoo
Who had a kicky kangaroo
Now the kindly kangaroo named Kay
Played a keen kazoo both night and day
'Twas the kind of kazoo that went koo-koo
Koo-Koo Koo-Koo went Kay's kazoo
And when the kindly king of Kalamazoo saw Kay the kangaroo's kazoo
He said right here in Kalamazoo, we'll build a zoo for a kangaroo
And so when you are passing through
Stop by and you can listen to
The Kalamazoo zoo's kangaroo play koo-koo-koo on her kazoo

Big Bird: I hate to say this Herb, but do you know what?

Herb: What?

All of the other Muppets: That's silly!


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