Sesame Street

There are folks who make fun of the way my family's run
It's a joyful, joltin', jumpin' jamboree
So if you'd like a job, come join our jolly mob
And we'll show you how much fun a "j" can be

My nephew's into judo (Ugh!)
My father likes to jog (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)
My cousin washes jelly jars
My uncle jumps a log

Great nephew flies a jet plane
My granddad drives a jeep
My auntie runs a jackal farm
My grannie juggles sheep

My niece plays in a jazz band
My auntie judges boars
My nephew likes to jitterbug
My grandpa jimmies doors

My uncle raises johnquills
Great granddad plays the jacks
My wife became a journeyman
And me? ....I just stay out of their way.


Premiering in 1969, this educational television show aimed at preschoolers has charmed generations of youngsters ever since. The show - featuring a lovable cast of characters including Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Snuffy, Grover and many others - has delighted and educated children and adults alike, with its collection of songs, skits, and celebrity guest appearances. ... Read More