Sesame Street

A, airplane: Typewriter sees some airplanes flying by and then soars up into the sky like a plane!

B, ball: Typewriter runs into a giant ball and gets bounced offscreen.

C, cat: Typewriter hears a cat offscreen. When cat enters, it's a giant one and scary to typewriter. So he types and says "little cat!" Cat shrinks smaller than typewriter, who barks at cat. Cat runs off and typewriter giggles.

D, daisy: Typewriter sees (and hears!) daisies growing out of ground. Gigantic daisy grows under him, carrying him up, up, and offscreen!

E, ear: Typewriter is with a giant ear. After typing, "E, ear," he says, "ear" louder. So the ear leaves, a giant mouth comes onscreen and says, "ear," scaring typewriter away.

F, fly: Typewriter sees a bird flying, then flaps his arms and flies himself.

G, glue: Typewriter gets stuck in a puddle of glue. After a few tries, he gets himself unstuck, taking the glue with him and crashing offscreen.

H, hand: Whenever typewriter rolls up a new piece of paper, a giant hand rips it off. Typewriter finally manages to roll yet another sheet and type, "h, hand." He then shakes the hand's finger.

I, ink: This one I haven't seen for ages! Nothing appears when typewriter types. He's out of ink, so he pours in some and types, "i, ink." Then ... not sure ... I think the ink floods the screen.

J, jump: Typewriter sees a frog jumping, then jumps after it like a frog.

K, key: Another one I haven't seen in ages. Typewriter tries to open a door and finds it locked. He unlocks it with a key. When opened, door reveals two fierce eyes in the dark and maybe some roaring and growling. Typewriter leaves quick, but I hope he locked the door first!

L, lion: Typewriter hears a lion roaring offscreen and is really scared but types, "l, lion." Lion roars some more and enters. It's tiny and typewriter giggles, but it roars again and scares typewriter away.

M, magic: Typewriter makes (I think) a rabbit appear and vanish. He does the same trick with a scorpion-like creature. Then he makes himself disappear, but we can still hear him giggling!

N, nose: Typewriter is with a gigantic nose and mouth looking very like one from the ear skit. Nose starts to sneeze twice, but typewriter puts a finger below it and stops the sneeze. Then nose sneezes a sneeze that blows typewriter away.

O, owl: Not sure here ... I think the typewriter must be having some trouble, because I remember a bunch of crumpled paper. An owl lands on him.

P, pencil: Nothing appears when typewriter types. So he writes, "p, pencil" with a pencil. I think he sharpens it with some part of him. Then he sticks it in his wheel, which goes flat.

Q, quiet: Unheard laughers won't shut up until typewriter repeatedly yells, "QUIET!"

R, rope: Jump-rope drops from sky. Typewriter jumps with it until he jumps up off the screen!

S, spring: Yet again, nothing appears when typewriter types. A spring pops out of him and keeps springing away from him. Typewriter chases it, jumping like a spring.

T, train: An electric train runs around typewriter, who makes train-whistle sounds.

U, umbrella: It starts to rain, so the typewriter opens an umbrella over himself. When the rain stops, he closes umbrella and gets stuck in it! After a brief struggle, he gets his wheels out and rolls away, singing his customary, "Nooney, nooney, nooney, noo..."

V, vacuum: The typewriter keeps rolling paper up, but a vacuum cleaner keeps sucking up the paper. Typewriter finally types, "v, vacuum." Then the vacuum sucks up the whole typewriter.

W, wall: Typewriter rushes in, crashing into an invisible wall. He smashes his way through.

X, x-ray: Something seems to be wrong with one of the typewriter's wheels. He examines it with an x-ray, appears to find problem, and oils wheel. It now rolls fine.

Y, yo-yo: Typewriter is playing with a yo-yo, the end of which gets stuck offscreen. Typewriter tries to get it free, but ends up pulling himself offscreen.

Z, zoo: Typewriter comes to a cage and is scared by the roaring of a lion. He hears a bird sound and sees bird come up to bars of cage. Bird honks like a car and scares him away.


Premiering in 1969, this educational television show aimed at preschoolers has charmed generations of youngsters ever since. The show - featuring a lovable cast of characters including Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Snuffy, Grover and many others - has delighted and educated children and adults alike, with its collection of songs, skits, and celebrity guest appearances. ... Read More