Shawn Colvin

I'm gonna let you down

I know that now

Make you cry, I know I will

Why should you believe

I would never leave

Or that I love you still

For all the by and by

Hard as we try

The bough breaks and the cradle falls

For everything I do

That will tear at you

Let me say I'm sorry now

So you can sing your song

You can get it wrong

You can kiss the rock of ages

And in your wildest dreams

You might see between

The liars and the sages

You can walk awhile

Down the mystery mile

you can beat the drums of freedom

And in love and war

Through the rush and the roar

You just call 'em like you see 'em


Shawn Colvin (born January 10, 1956 in Vermillion, South Dakota) is an American musician. Best known for her hit single "Sunny Came Home" from the album "A Few Small Repairs".

Colvin's formative years were spent in the town of Carbondale, Illinois, where she attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She learned to play guitar at the age of 10. Her first public concert was at age 15 at the University of Illinois campus. Colvin cites Joni Mitchell as a primary influence on her music ... Read More