Shawn Colvin

This is your new thing now

Naked as a rose

Everything exposed

But not quite

This is your new thing now

Cards out on the table

A genius with no label

But not quite not quite

God I swear it's good to be back home

Waiting for the newest Rolling Stone

All the other girls are still at war

The best and worst of 1994

Sometimes I see the half and not the whole

Sometimes I see the face and not the soul

Sometimes I think this place has no part

For anyone who ever had a heart

This is your new thing now

And it looks so good in print

Just a poet and her pimps

But not quite

This is your new thing now

A prom dress and a sneer

The woman of the year

But not quite, not quite

Gee, it's good to see a dream come true

People smile and bless all over you

Mixing up those latest junkie-isms

With all the pretty terms of religion

And don't you love the leader of the band

Equal parts Butthead and Peter Pan

All the other kids are sad again

A legend's not a legend 'til it ends

This is your new thing now

And it makes the whole world spin

It's as least as old as sin

But not quite

This is your new thing now

And now you're turning grinning

But maybe no one's listening

And you might lose it all my darling, yes you might

This is your new thing now

And it feels so good to doubt you

I could almost live without you

But not quite


Shawn Colvin (born January 10, 1956 in Vermillion, South Dakota) is an American musician. Best known for her hit single "Sunny Came Home" from the album "A Few Small Repairs".

Colvin's formative years were spent in the town of Carbondale, Illinois, where she attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She learned to play guitar at the age of 10. Her first public concert was at age 15 at the University of Illinois campus. Colvin cites Joni Mitchell as a primary influence on her music ... Read More