Skizzy Mars

Catch me everyday

Getting high off this pup deal money

Your sitting back, taking in what the worlds got for me

It's so funny

I'm driving fast hoping that I never crash
Its only been a year but I thought that this would never last
We smile share a couple laughs, haha
I use to do the Shakespeare competitions.
I just hope that they listen when I'm talking
I hope they recognize me when I walk in
And I wanted niggas to hear me, Way before they saw me
I don't respond to every tweet, I think that shit is corny
But I'm showing love to everyone that loves and supports me
And all these girls back from high school all of a sudden want to hit me up
I went to school I kinda liked it, but I had to give it up
I can sit in class or I can live it up
Two ways and I chose the uncommon the subtle beauty of vending machines
And Ramen noodles I had gotten use to

Its strange you already know
Girl whatchu crying for?
Cheer up, Cheer up, Cheer up oh

She keep saying that she got to go
But I know that you want to stay
Cheer up, Cheer up I'm a help yah Cheer up oh
Cheer up, Cheer up I'm a help yah Cheer up oh, oh

Damn, you got your whole life planned out
Basically, I was always a stand out

You the type that always got your hand out
I was the type to doodle on the hand out
Fuck homework, I'mma be the man now
It's kinda sad cuz shorty show me love
But without all the drugs, I'm pretty sure she can't smile

Top down, riding through my city like I'm hot now

I'm popping like the champagne cap
We at the club popping champagne caps
Plus I rap good, man you can't change that, its looking sunny in the future
And that's just my opinion
I'm dropping out of school, and that's just my decision
People ask me why I'm not fucking ecstatic
This is not what I envisioned, so find me a nice crib I can live in
Or a pool of women I can swim in
I rather never finish what I start, than never start what I can finish
Keep your head down
Dude, can you free style?
Do groupies give you head now?
So you went to school, but you're doing this instead now?
These debit dudes never give me cred now

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