Skizzy Mars

I think our whole approach is wrong
Yeah, I think that we're not thinkin' right
Vodka and sprite. Tell me what ya like
We're like good people with bad time
And it's like our comments, vodka tonics, and awkward silence
But, I don't know
While I'm here, I just feel alive
I just feel alive. Yeah
I live like I could die any minute
But I feel like I could fly, yeah (I could fly)
It's sixty degrees in downtown New York
I love the way your autumn hair is fallin' off your shoulders
I'm slowly drivin' you around in the two door, top down
At least until it gets colder
Oh, you smoke? I got it
I got some tropics
I didn't do well in school, but weed's my favorite topic
Now, this whole infatuation, it needs to stop
It needs to stop. Yeah, I need to stop it
Short fuses, but tall orders
Don't let the wine spill in your high heels
Let's watch the time pass, with your fine ass
Yeah, red lipstick on that wine glass
It's fucked up, givin' lap dances
That's a bar of tequila and lorazepam
And since growin' up, I always knew I had a plan
Yeah, I didn't think that they would understand
So, we go red and cola on the rocks
She did a few lines before she got...
Over to my crib (over to my crib)
And, I told her like
Listen, yo I love you like New York
I love you like weed on a Sunday morning
Waking up to you moaning and yawning
I love you like the color blue
That's my favorite color you
Don't know what you do to me
I'm tryna do this thing with you
When I'm with these other hoes, all I do is think of you
I don't want to settle down
It seems like that's what people do
This is new, but maybe it's the fact that I'm in love with you
That I'm in love with you

You like Skrillex?
Well I just copped a dubstep
And we can get high and gaze into the sunset
Head enjoy the present and disregard what's next (what's next)
I said Verona, will you finish that na?
Everything that you do extra just because you so special
And, I'm just lovin' your fragrance
We just bumpin' the latest
We prolly drank a bit too much, cuz now I'm feelin' faded
And I always open doors
I always have the answers to the questions you're unsure of
Never felt this shit, but I do anything for love
Said, never had it
I do anything for love
And we can do all of these kisses and hugs
Or we can do it even looser and disregard with a shrug
If you doin' something that I really don't approve of
I'll be gettin' kinda jealous and I know you've heard enough
Heaven's gon' be better than this life I'm livin'
Smokin', watchin' the Simpsons, makin' big decisions
They say just wait and hold, see what the future holds
Well, the present is now and baby you're beatiful
Baby, you're beautiful

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