I just need to get home
I'm boring on the road
But I still have to go
To do some thing for a better world

But I don't want u to know
That I'm crying hard for u
I don't want u to know
That I'm missing hard for u

Maybe someday we'll be together
and I'll never ever let u alone
You & I will make love forever
and I promise you

I'll never been gone anymore


Slank was formed in 1983 through a school band at a local high school in Slank Jakarta, Indonesia, which named CSC (Cikini Stone Complex). Their main founder, Bimo Setiawan (Bim - Bim) and their fellow bandmates often played a number of Rolling Stones songs at school. The band later changed its name and personnel to SLANK, with Bim - Bim on drums, Erwan on vocals, Bongky on guitars, Denny on bass and Kiki on guitars. The name SLANK itself was taken from their musical attitude ... Read More