Aku suka sama kamu tapi elo harus suka sama gue ..
Gue sayang sama kamu ..tapi elo harus sayang gue ..
Kalau enggak gue tembak kepalamu biar mampus..
Mampus 4x

Aku cinta sama kamu.. tapi elo harus cinta sama gue ..
Aku ingin cium kamu ..tapi elo harus harus mau ..
Enggak mau gue bunuh ..gue kubur
Gue kubur diblakang rumahku

Aku butuh kamu tapi elo harus butuh sama gue ..
Kalo enggak .. gue tembak kepalamu ..biar mampus..
Elo harus mau ..sama gue..mau ..harus mau ..


Slank was formed in 1983 through a school band at a local high school in Slank Jakarta, Indonesia, which named CSC (Cikini Stone Complex). Their main founder, Bimo Setiawan (Bim - Bim) and their fellow bandmates often played a number of Rolling Stones songs at school. The band later changed its name and personnel to SLANK, with Bim - Bim on drums, Erwan on vocals, Bongky on guitars, Denny on bass and Kiki on guitars. The name SLANK itself was taken from their musical attitude ... Read More