Every politicion manipulation
Every police is a criminal
Every institution corruption
When government official ' anti social

Every bureaucrat ' hypocrite
Every prayer is a betrayer
Every entrepreneur profiteer
When every legislator is a heart breaker

I've seen things
In my neighbourhood
I've seen things
In every neighbourhood


Slank was formed in 1983 through a school band at a local high school in Slank Jakarta, Indonesia, which named CSC (Cikini Stone Complex). Their main founder, Bimo Setiawan (Bim - Bim) and their fellow bandmates often played a number of Rolling Stones songs at school. The band later changed its name and personnel to SLANK, with Bim - Bim on drums, Erwan on vocals, Bongky on guitars, Denny on bass and Kiki on guitars. The name SLANK itself was taken from their musical attitude ... Read More