Sofi Tukker

We're in a junction, we're in a champagne room
But no other people are breathing this air with you
It's a secret, honey, a chocolate perfume
I like to close my eyes and feel the way it moves

We don't even dream
To breathe such a thin air
They all run away
Of this deja vu affair!

Bit head, and wind shine
I cannot grow appeal
Hallucinations of what the now reveals
It's realistic, and a sculptural idea
I like to say no words
And let the human feel
We don't even dream
What happens up there
We just rest away
Of this deja vu affair!


Sofi Tukker is an electronic music duo, consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weid and Tucker Halpern, who live in New York. Sophie is originally German but considers herself a Brazilian at heart, because of her passion for Latin and African rythyms. Tucker was a basketball player before an injury ended his career as an athlete and brought him to music. ... Read More