It ain't the time, for you to walk
If I won't let go
I can tell, that ain't what you want
But it's like you can't let it show
Girl, I've tried again and again
To give you all of me, but you deny (girl that ain't right)

And I chose you, ‘cause you're all I need
And you chose your man, but your man ain't me
So don't call my phone, acting like you care
I done made my move, I know life ain't fair

What you want,
What you need,
Girl you don't know,
Like you don't feel,


Sonder, a brand new collaborative project by Atu, Dpat and vocalist Brent Faiyaz. They've shared the prelude to what will be a full EP in the form of a single called "Victoria." It features a vocal performance by Faiyaz, also incorporating the crestfallen drums, elegant synths and atmospheric soundscapes that are so signature to the two producers. ... Read More