U say, going under
not too clever
In these days where life surrounds us

You fret to surrender
To a lesser
Pacifying soul invader
Everybody stays in one place
It takes to know one
Avoid the wrong ones

Serene for the life to convey.
It breaks to hold one
One desires
so it to failed

Save it, and crave it
It fortifies the one desire
To hack it and to savor it
To elope...

And have it
Well damn it
It glorifies the one desire
To live in one delusion
To elope


There are at least 5 groups called Sore:

1 - An Indonesian rock/jazz band
2 - An American nu-metal/rapcore band
3 - A French nu-metal/alternative band
4 - A German death metal/grindcore band
5 - An Australian Experimental Metal band
6 - Soré, a Romanian pop singer.

1 - Sore (IPA: sɔːrɛ) is an Indonesian rock/jazz band.

Originally formed in 2000 by three childhood friends (Ade Paloh, Mondo Gascaro & Awan Garnida). In late 2001 Awan Garnida ... Read More