Raining out on Sunday
A lazy funny calm day
Laying down on some fun times as well

You slowly come to my sense
Our time has come to be friends
The sun is sliding up for some love dance

You are so fine
(Just like) eveybody's waltzing watching the raindrops
Silly little thing that you are

And I'm so glad you're mine..
(You make me)Walking on side arms frolic some sweet flaunts
Silly little thing that you are

Silly little thing that you are boy
Fancy everything that you've got dear
Every little thing u desire's waiting for you

So now the fun is out there
Such a flaming escapade
The sun is setting up for the game to play

Raining out on Sunday
Lazy funny calm day
The moon is sliding out for some more love dance


There are at least 5 groups called Sore:

1 - An Indonesian rock/jazz band
2 - An American nu-metal/rapcore band
3 - A French nu-metal/alternative band
4 - A German death metal/grindcore band
5 - An Australian Experimental Metal band
6 - Soré, a Romanian pop singer.

1 - Sore (IPA: sɔːrɛ) is an Indonesian rock/jazz band.

Originally formed in 2000 by three childhood friends (Ade Paloh, Mondo Gascaro & Awan Garnida). In late 2001 Awan Garnida ... Read More