Look at peacefull sky blesses us today
All angers in my heart seem all had gone away
You'll have my love, you'll have my love
You've hurt me once darling you made me wait in vain
Don't break my heart darling I wont do this again
You've had my love, now, you've had my love

* Do you think we can make it baby (yeah surely that is I want to do)
Will you always be there for me (baby really I had great time whit you)
Would you keep your promise darling (trus me now I wont disappoint you)
So lets take our change now (I'II make a new story inna de heart of you)

Reff : Oh'war is over, lets make love to another
Cause love is a good thing
And good things never over
Cause love is a good thing
And good thing never over

And I don mean to hurt you baby believe
For all that I have done and would you believe me
I know it's you who could turn out da blue
Me gonna tell da world that how much I love u
Baby, understand da reason why dat I acan
Spend da night with u and have a crazy thing to do
Just give me one more change u know I'm your biggest fans
Now I hope u know its hard for me to let u go

Back to *, reff.


Souljah was formed back in 1998. At first, it was named Arigatoo. Then along with the expanding music that Souljah made, Souljah decided to change the name to Souljah at 2005. With Arigatoo, Souljah did some compilation albums; one with Authority Records from Japan, titled Asian Ska Foundation in 2003 and the other was with Sony Music Indonesia, titled Ska Mania back in 2000. And in 2003, Arigatoo released full album titled Kami Bukan Perawan Lagi (We're Not Virgins Anymore). ... Read More