Stephen Lynch

See you there,
Behind the glass.
I drop a quarter in the slot
And then I watch you as you shake that ass.

I watch you grind.
I watch you dance.
I show you mine, you show me yours
And then I button up my pants.

My friends all laugh.
My friends all scoff.
When I say I love a girl
That loves to take it off.
But I tell them that they're crazy,
'Cuz I been around the world
And there's nothing wrong, nothing
With my peepshow girl.

I love your mind.
I love your soul.
I love it when you grease your body
And you slide it up and down that pole.
I love your hair,
I love your eyes.
And I know that you feel the same way,
'Cuz I can see the love dripping down your thighs.

And my momma would laugh.
My momma would scoff.
If she knew I loved a girl
That loved to take it off.
And she'd probably disown me
If she met my little pearl.
But there's nothing wrong, Momma
With my peepshow girl.
No there's nothing wrong.
Nothing wrong.

Now I'm broke.
You've bled me dry.
It's amazing how much money that a guy spends
Just to taste a little pie.

But I'm OK.
I'm a little sore.
I can't believe that I found love
In a place where my feet stick to the floor.

And I went to confession,
And the preacher said "Now,
It's a sin to love a girl
Who isn't pure as driven snow."
I said, "Preacher, I don't care man.
I've found Heaven is this world.
And there's nothing wrong, Preacher
With my peepshow girl."
I said, "There's nothing wrong.
Nothing wrong
With my peepshow girl."


Stephen Lynch is an American singer and comedian, famous for his raunchy comic lyrics. He was born July 28, 1971 in Abington, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Saginaw, Michigan and attended Western Michigan University, where he learned to play guitar. He is a Tony nominee for his role as Robbie Hart in the Broadway musical, The Wedding Singer. Stephen married Erin Dwight in September of 2003.

Lynch has produced eight albums:
Live At XM Studios (Live concert available only on the XM Comedy channel, no CD release planned) ... Read More