Stephen Lynch

When grandfather dies life will be strange,
when grandfather dies my whole world will change when grandfather dies I'll scream and I'll yell cuz I'll be fucking rich as hell,
So grandfather die don't keep me in suspense so grandfather cough up that inheretince,
so grandfather don't hold on another day I love you to death but i've got bills to pay
a stroke would be nice,
disease would be cool,
I'll scatter his ashes in my new swimming pool,
I'll jam with the stones I'll dine with the queen,
so what say we unplug that machine,
so granfather fly to heaven you must pass,
so grandfather think of all that juicy angel ass,
oh grandfather die before the fiscal year,
oh how I wish cavorkian were here, for god sake you must be as old as the hills,
i'm sick of the stench from your diaper spills,
your deaf dumb and blind and an amputee you donate your blood everytimethat you pee,
your athritis acts up whenever it rains your so old your penis has vericose veins why don't you die grandpa why must you fight you old motherfu**er just walk toward the god d**n light ooh walk toward the light old man walk toward the light old man it's all over now my grand dad is dead,
a mysterious blow to his wrinkled old head before I collect the small oversite but everything should turn out alright I'll start working on my grandma ... precious..(sniff) tonight


Stephen Lynch is an American singer and comedian, famous for his raunchy comic lyrics. He was born July 28, 1971 in Abington, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Saginaw, Michigan and attended Western Michigan University, where he learned to play guitar. He is a Tony nominee for his role as Robbie Hart in the Broadway musical, The Wedding Singer. Stephen married Erin Dwight in September of 2003.

Lynch has produced eight albums:
Live At XM Studios (Live concert available only on the XM Comedy channel, no CD release planned) ... Read More