Steve Earle

Got a lot of memories tied up in this place

So much time spent in so little space

What looked like the world through the eyes of a child

Kind of closes in on you after awhile

It's a place to grow up and a place to grow old

You keep your mouth shut and you do what you're told

I told mama the day that I ran

This ain't no place for an angry young man

Mama if you could see me right now

You'd be so sure you failed me somehow

Mama you never could understand

There ain't no peace for an angry young man

A cheap hotel a long way from my home

So many people make you feel so alone

Dreams die easy out here in these streets

And hearts grow cold in the city heat

I ain't never been the patient kind

I got to live like I please or die tryin'

At a filling station with a gun in my hand

The only way for an angry young man

Got a lot of memories tied up in this place

Tonight they're starin' me right in the face

A lonely grave on the outskirts of town

It's three in the morning, ain't no one around

Just like a ghost I come out of the night

But I'll be gone before the morning light

Mama I hope that you understand

This ain't no place for an angry young man


Steve Earle (born Stephen Fain Earle on January 17, 1955 in San Antonio, Texas) is a singer-songwriter best known for his country music and rock 'n roll tinged "alt-country." He is also a published writer, a keen political activist (particularly in protesting against the death penalty in the U.S., as in his song "Ellis Unit One" from the movie Dead Man Walking), and has written and directed a play. Earle also had small roles on the HBO television shows "The Wire" and "Treme". ... Read More