Steve Earle

I am Kilrain and I'm a fightin' man and I come from County Clare

And the Brits would hang me for a Fenian so I took me leave of there

And I crossed the ocean in the "Arrianne" the vilest tub afloat

And the captain's brother was a railroad man and he met us the boat

So I joined up with the 20th Maine like I said my friend I'm a fighting man

And we're marchin' south in the pouring rain and we're all goin' down to Dixieland

I am Kilrain of the 20th Maine and we fight for Chamberlain

'Cause he stood right with us when the Johnnies came like a banshee on the wind

When the smoke cleared out of Gettysburg many a mother wept

For many a good boy died there, sure, and the air smelted just like death

I am Kilrain of the 20th Maine and I'd march to hell and back again

For Colonel Joshua Chamberlain - we're all goin' down to Dixieland

I am Kilrain of the 20th Maine and I damn all gentlemen

Whose only worth is their father's name and the sweat of a workin' man

Well we come from the farms and the city streets and a hundred foreign lands

And we spilled our blood in the battle's heat

Now we're all Americans

I am Kilrain of the 20th Maine and did I tell you friend I'm a fightin' man

And I'll not be back this way again, 'cause we're all goin' down to Dixielan


Steve Earle (born Stephen Fain Earle on January 17, 1955 in San Antonio, Texas) is a singer-songwriter best known for his country music and rock 'n roll tinged "alt-country." He is also a published writer, a keen political activist (particularly in protesting against the death penalty in the U.S., as in his song "Ellis Unit One" from the movie Dead Man Walking), and has written and directed a play. Earle also had small roles on the HBO television shows "The Wire" and "Treme". ... Read More