Steve Earle

Don't you worry bout what you've been told

Cause honey I ain't even close to cold

It's kinda soon to fall in love again

But sometimes the best that you can do is just jump back in

I got me a fearless heart

Strong enough to get you through the scary part

It's been broken many times before

A fearless heart just comes back for more

Folks'll tell you that I'm just no good

But I wouldn't hurt you honey if I could

I can't promise this'll work out right

But it would kill me darlin' if we didn't even try

I admit I fall in love a lot

But I nearly always give it my best shot

I know you must think I'm the reckless kind

But I want a lady with a fearless heart just like mine


Steve Earle (born Stephen Fain Earle on January 17, 1955 in San Antonio, Texas) is a singer-songwriter best known for his country music and rock 'n roll tinged "alt-country." He is also a published writer, a keen political activist (particularly in protesting against the death penalty in the U.S., as in his song "Ellis Unit One" from the movie Dead Man Walking), and has written and directed a play. Earle also had small roles on the HBO television shows "The Wire" and "Treme". ... Read More