Steve Earle

He was standing on the highway

Somewhere way out in the sticks

Guitar across his shoulder

Like a 30 ought six

He was staring in my headlights

When I come around the bend

Climbed up on my shotgun side

And told me with a grin


I'm going to New York City

I never really been there

Just like the way it sounds

I heard the girls are pretty

There must be something happening there

It's just too big a town

He was cold and wet and hungry

But he never did complain

Said he'd come a thousand miles

Through sleet and snow and rain

He had a hundred stories

About the places that he'd been

He'd hang around a little while

And hit the road again


See I've been to New York City

Seems like it was yesterday

I was standing like a pilgrim

On the Great White Way

The girls were really pretty

But they wouldn't talk to me

I held out about a week

Went back to Tennessee

So, I thought I'd better warn him

As he climbed out of my car

Grabbed his battered suitcase

And shouldered his guitar

I knew I was just jealous

If I didn't wish him well

I slipped the kid a twenty

Said 'Billy give 'em hell'

Chorus x 2


Steve Earle (born Stephen Fain Earle on January 17, 1955 in San Antonio, Texas) is a singer-songwriter best known for his country music and rock 'n roll tinged "alt-country." He is also a published writer, a keen political activist (particularly in protesting against the death penalty in the U.S., as in his song "Ellis Unit One" from the movie Dead Man Walking), and has written and directed a play. Earle also had small roles on the HBO television shows "The Wire" and "Treme". ... Read More